USDOT Lettering Decal Sticker Frequently Asked Questions

US DOT decal requirements:

We recommend ordering a custom truck door decal template to suit your company’s and your state’s legal requirements. Be sure to include your company logo, name, city & state of operation in addition to your USDOT number.

Many carriers also chose to display their VIN, GVWR, MC, KYU, TCP & state mandated regulation number, if applicable. Depending on your type of operation, you may even display a phone number or website address; this is a fantastic way to expand your business.

U.S. Department of Transportation requires USDOT numbers to be displayed on both sides of any CMV. USDOT Numbers must visible from a minimum of 50 feet away, be easily legible and be in a contrasting color from the vehicle they’re being displayed on. Additionally, the USDOT number must be proceeded by the characters USDOT # on the CMV to be USDOT compliant.

All of our templates are handcrafted to fit a wide variety of operations and regulation number requirements. You can choose from hundreds of USDOT compliant truck door templates available in 50 colors and with over 50 font selections. Our in-house graphic design team will deliver a stunning USDOT decal template customized specifically for your operation without the additional fees. You’re sure to find everything you need, and if you don’t, we can design in.

How do you get a DOT sticker?

A USDOT number is issued by the FMCSA, they do not, however, issue physical decals. The carrier is responsible for the purchase of custom truck door decals, or usdot stickers. CMVs must display the company name, city & state of operation in addition to the USDOT # on both sides of the vehicle to be USDOT compliant in all 50 states. You may select a custom truck template from our website and simply fill out your information to place an order for your custom truck decal.

Having a template designed specifically for your commercial vehicle will ensure perfect alignment and USDOT complaint dimensions. You may choose to add additional lines to your template to display your MC, VIN, KYU, GVWR or state mandated regulation number. Our in-house graphic designers will take care of the process so you can focus on running your business.

Get a new commercial vehicle? We can replicate your custom truck template over and over again to keep you up to code, and your fleet looking professional year after year.. Our graphic designer’s support and expertise is included free of charge- you wont get this level of service from your local shop or from a hardware store.

What markings must be on a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle)?

All commercial vehicles must display their company logo & name, along with their USDOT number issued by the FMCSA. Each state has very specific requirements. We recommend these essential lines to be in compliance in all 50 states: company logo, name, city & state of operation, USDOT, VIN, GVWR & state regulation number as applicable.

Our custom truck door decals are designed to display all required regulation numbers on your commercial vehicle, in perfect alignment, at an affordable price. You don’t have to worry about paying a graphic designer to design a logo, then finding a local sign shop to recreate the designs, and add your regulation numbers without any design experience. We offer thousands of combinations of templates, fonts and colors & our in-house graphic design team takes care of the design process for no additional charge.

Do I need a DOT number for a rental truck?

A motor carrier renting a cmv for a period of 30 days or longer must display the company name and USDOT number on both sides of the rental. The lessee is also responsible or the recordkeeping and must keep the rental agreement in the vehicle at all times. If there is more than one name on the vehicle, the vehicle’s decals need to include the words “operated by” followed by the (lessee) company name & USDOT #.