Frequently Asked Questions

What is a decal?

Decals and stickers are commonly confused but they're quite different. 

sticker n. an adhesive label or notice, generally printed or illustrated.

A decal n. a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface such as glass, porcelain, or metal.

How thick are your decals?

Our decals are 2.5 mil, this thin solution provides an aesthetically pleasing sign that is durable and semi-permanent.

What type of vinyl do you use?

We only use the highest quality vinyl, Oracal 651. Oracal 651 is a performance grade vinyl well suited for indoor and outdoor use. This high-quality film offers a six year outdoor durability, flexibility, and thermal print compatibility.

What is the lifespan of your decals?

Depending on the amount of exposure to elements and other considerations the average lifespan is approximately 6 years.

Why should I get a decal instead of a magnet?

A decal gives your business a professional appearance, it shows that your committed to your trade. Also, removable magnets tend to get stolen or fall off in high speeds. The average lifetime of a removable magnet is approximately two years, constant exposure to the sun would shorten the lifetime even more.

How do I remove the decal? 

Removing your decal is simple! Simply life the edge of the material and peel back!

My order says delivered but its not on my doorstep?

Please check your mailbox, some orders are delivered at your doorstep and some in your mailbox.

How do I track my order?

You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number. Please allow 12 hours for the tracking code to become active, but please know that your order has been shipped

How fast is your shipping time?

All of our orders are delivered in 2-5 business days.


What are your shipping rates?

All of our shipping is free, unless you wish to upgrade!


Will my decal leave any residue?

Nope! Your decal should come off clean, if a tiny bit of sticky residue is left behind, you can easily take care of it with warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

Why should I buy from a small business rather than a big corporation? 

Well for staters, you wont have to dial a 1-800 and have to be placed on hold. When you call or email us, you are in direct contact with the owner/designer. Have a problem or question with your order? We'll respond within a few hours! 

How are vinyl usdot registration numbers displayed?

Federal regulations require the USDOT Number to be displayed in contrasting colors & legible from a distance of 50 feet during daylight hours. Your USDOT # Must be proceeded by the characters USDOT # on your commercial vehicle.

We recommend these essential lines for compliance in all 50 States: Company Logo, Company Name, City & State of Operation, USDOT Number, GVWR, VIN (last 8 Characters) & State mandated Regulation Number if applicable.