USDOT Truck Regulation Decal Lettering Tips | Which Stickers to Display Outside of Your Semi-Truck

Posted by Andres Espinoza on

Have you been stopped by DOT for not displaying your registration numbers correctly? A lot of first-time truckers get fines or even get put out of service for not being DOT lettering compliant.

A few things to keep in mind is that you must display your USDOT number and your legal business name on both sides of your commercial truck. If you are doing business across country, such as doing business in California, you must display your CA number along with your MC & USDOT number.

Also, we always recommend displaying the last 8 of your VIN and the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) to make it easier on yourself and the DOT officers.

If you have multiple trucks, you want to number your truck and trailer.

Also, if you are an independent trucker, we highly recommend displaying your website & your phone number to generate more leads.

If you need help, we would be happy to help.


usdot lettering tips on semi truck

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