Error & Mistakes When Displaying Your USDOT Number Decal Outside Of Your Commercial Vehicle

Posted by Andres Espinoza on

In the example below, this business is displaying their USDOT number incorrectly. To properly be DOT compliant, only 1 USDOT number should be visible. If this driver get’s stopped by DOT, what number should they input? If they go through truck scales, what number will the DOT camera read and validate?

The driver/business owner should have covered the black USDOT number with the blue sticker. Another error in this image is that the DOT # and the CA # are under 2 inches which does not meet USDOT & CHP regulations.

How to solve this issue?

The owner/driver could have covered the bottom USDOT number with a blank magnet. Also, The driver needs to make their regulation numbers complaint by making them at least 2 inches in height.

If you need any help with regulation numbers, we would be happy to help.


how to display your usdot number correctly

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