American Made USDOT Vinyl Lettering vs Cheap Chinese Quality Material

Posted by Andres Espinoza on

Is all vinyl lettering material made the same? Of course not! Below is a perfect example of American Made USDOT Lettering vs Cheap Chinese Vinyl.

The American USDOT has been on the vehicle for years and it looks like new while the Chinese made vinyl has only been on the vehicle for a few months and the lettering is already falling off. This is due to the weather such as rain, heat and carwashes that easily destroys cheap vinyl.

At, we use the highest quality American Made Vinyl Lettering Materials. Our products will withstand all of the weather elements and come with a 10-year guarantee! Don’t get fooled by the low prices by other competitors or vinyl shops. They say “you get what you pay” and this is applicable here.

Be sure to contact us for all of your USDOT Vinyl Lettering Needs.


American Made USDOT Vinyl Lettering Vs chinese cheap material

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